About Retail Atlas

Retail Atlas is an analysis product for the Swiss retail real estate market which structurally and continuously follows where all retailers in Switzerland are located.

Retail Atlas Switzerland

Retail Atlas is an analysis product for the retail real estate market in Switzerland. It structurally and constantly collects the location of all retailers, services and gastronomies. By registering geocodes, branche, location quality, center type, city size, risk level etc. for all retail spaces, a clearer and more detailed insight in developments is obtained and a range of tools for better analysing the retail real estate market emerge.

Our Database

Our Database contains the adress, geolocation, branches, center type and demographic features of more than 48.000  retailers, 22.000 services and 23.000 gastronomy businesses. About a third of the retailers belongs to one of the 300+ retail chains (retailers with > 5 stores). The database will be updated every year to get insights in trends in the retail market. The first reference date was Januar 2018.

Data Access

Retail Atlas offers 2 options for data access: 1) By our standardised Retail Viewers, available for all municipalities, chains, centers and regions. The Vierwers can be ordered either as seperate pdf-report or on the base of a dashboard-subscription, 2) Tailored analytics and consultancy; send your specific analysis request at info@retailatlas.ch and we will contact you with a suitable solution.